The Makeloop app is purposely made as a sophisticated piece of software.

However, if you want to send an event quickly, perhaps to test the system, please follow the six steps below:

You will have already have chosen your country code if not please go to account and provide or update your details there. Go to main dash and then choose ‘Create event’.

As you are creating event the major decision you have to make is whether to send a ‘Yes/ No’ event or a ‘Poll event’. Otherwise you should follow the instructions until you get to the stage where you are asked to add contacts. At this stage to can choose to add contacts or add these later.

Whichever option you choose please note that contacts and target groups will need to be added before you can send an event.

We consider it is best not to send an event immediately after adding contacts but rather opt to ‘Send later’. This will give you a chance to view your event and see how it looks.

You can view your event by clicking the ‘View/Edit poll question’

We recommend you test with small numbers. If you get responses then you know it is working!

If you need any support please email us on:

Quick Glossary

Create event - This allows you to commence an communication event via sms or email. You will be given the choice as to send a Yes/No or Poll event

Yes /No event - You send a question to a contact which asks then a Yes or No question

Poll Event - You send a question to a contact which provides then with different options to choose from. You decide what the options are.

Event list - Click this to view all the events you have created.

Targets - Targets are the group of contacts that you will send the events to. Target groups will have 1 to 100’s of contacts. For example you can have a Target group called baseball team (so the contains all your baseball team contacts).

Registering your account

Please add the following info email address, passwords, you and name and your organization.

Please note if you do not have an organization we recommend you insert your name into the organization box.

Account functions

There are several functions within the account section:

Edit - You can edit your account details

Edit location - This section is very important. You need to set the national location code for the app. So if your contacts are in the USA you will need to set your national code.

Please note the national code setting is ignored if a contact or contacts are entered with a different international code.

Upgrade App

Recommend App

You need to SMS Settings check the Enable SMS Queuing box to allow this function to work.

This function has 2 implications for you as a user:

Avoiding forced closes on your phone.

We do not have control over the phone manufacturers’ settings. If your phone undergoes forced closes when setting multiple sms messages you can change the setting to slow the sending rate.

This will help to avoid forced closes.

Better control over rate of sending

Android allows you to send 100 sms messages per hr from an app.

If you do try to send over a 100 you will receive a message. You can avoid these messages by pacing your messages. So to avoid sending more than 100 per hr you could make the following settings:

Number of messages to be sent =100

Time interval between messages =3600

Create Event

This is where the user creates communication events.

The Steps

The users has to name their communication event
Choose between sending a YES or NO question or a Poll question (so you choose the options that you can send to your contacts).

Yes/No Option

You are then taken to a page where you can insert your question. Please note you will write your question bearing in mind that a Yes/No question will follow.

There is also a sign off box where you can thank and write you name.


If you asked your contacts the following whether they think it will sunny tomorrow this is how it would appear:

Do you think it will be sunny tomorrow?

Please reply Yes or No

Thanks, Phil

Inserting their first name

Please note if you can use all your contacts’ first names by pressing the Insert first name button

Example with Name

Hi Dan,

Do you think it will be sunny tomorrow?

Please reply Yes or No

Thanks, Phil

Once you have completed your question press next to continue.

The Poll Option

You are then taken to a page where you can insert your question. Please note you will write your question bearing in mind that Poll option type questions will follow.

There is also a sign off box where you can thank and write you name.

After writing in these boxes please press next button

Adding poll options:

The next page provides you with a chance to add your poll options. You can use from 2 to 8 options (remember these options should make sense with regard to your original question). You can add additional pages by choosing the add option button.

Once you have inserted your options please press next.

Send by email and/or SMS?

The next phases give the user the option of sending their event via SMS and/or email.

If you choose to send emails you will be given the chance to name the subject title the email.

How long will the event last for?

The user gets the choice how long the event they have created will last for.

The significance of the event period is the app will only sort for your responses for the period you have specified.

There are specific rules that allow you to send multiple events within the specified period. These are explained below in the ‘Using functions inside an event page’ section below.

Add target groups now, create target group or do this later

The user can add an existing user group. (see Target Groups later in this document for details)

The user can create a new contact group at this point.

Or the user can choose to deal with the issue of adding/creating target groups later.

Using functions inside an event page

There are several function that the user can take advantage from within an event.

Automatic response

This allows you to send an automatic reply to a contact once they have responded.

Click on the yes or no or a poll option (if poll event)

You can write in a particular response to each reply.


When you have received responses the Refresh button will update your event page by sorting the responses into their relevant sections.

View/Edit poll question

You can click on this to alter your question and/or your poll options.

Send Event and Send to Pending

The send button of course sends out your events. When you have already sent out your event, the ‘Send Event’ button changes to a ‘Send to pending’ button.

This function will allow you to send the messages to contacts who have yet to reply.

View/Add targets

Duplicate event

This function allows you to copy all the details of the event. Please note you will have to add new Targets to this event.

Delete Event

This function allows the user delete the event

Send Results

This function allows the user to send the results from the event via email.

Viewing your events

To view an event you can choose Event list button on the main dash. This will show you a list of existing events.


After choosing Targets you will receive a choice to create a target or view the target list.

Create Target

You are asked to name your target group. Then press next
You can start adding contacts to your target group by choosing ‘Add from phone contacts’ Here you are given alphabetical boxes to narrow down your search for contacts to add.

You can choose the check box of one or more contacts and then press done.

This process can be repeated and repeated.

You can add new contacts to the target list by pressing the Create new contact button.

If a user wishes to delete or edit a particular group they can click on the individual contact.

Other target functions

You can delete the target group
Send excel file - you can send the list of contacts in an excel file via email.
Duplicate target list - you can copy your target list

View Target List

If a user chooses to view target list they can click on a Target list.

The user will be shown the target list and be allowed use the functions displayed which include add contacts, delete group, duplicate group and send excel file.

If a user wishes to delete or edit a particular group they can click on the individual contact.


Please note you can change the language of the app on the login page.

This will affect the words you see where operating the app. It will all affect how the questions are sent to your contacts. So the Yes/No or directions for poll options will be sent in the language you have chosen.

Saving your login

You can save your login by clicking the check box on the login page.

Event list

Flush Inbox

This function allows you to remove the SMS messages that you have received in relation to the events you have sent, so it clears your inbox. Please note that this function will not work outside the period you have set for the event to last!